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When the PCB arrived from the manufacturer, the next step is to assemble all the components and test it out to check if everything works as intended. Today we are gonna see all the processes involved in this task. 


This time we will have a look into the schematic and the PCB Design. Once the simulations are done and the schematic is fully validated, we need to elaborate the schematic into CAD software (In this case, KiCad as we support Open Source software) and to elaborate the PCB before sending the gerbers to the manufacturer. Let's start!

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The first chapter of this simple project is simulation and software development. It is highly recommended that you simulate your project beforehand to avoid any mistakes or problems in later stages, as the mistakes become more expensive as the time runs. In addition, simulations can provide an excellent testing environment to try different scenarios for your solution, being a time/money saver for a good engineer.