SP: Assembly & Validation

StopWatch photo

When the PCB arrived from our great sponsor PCBWAY, the next step was to order all the components and solder them in the board to check if everything works as intended. Today we are gonna see all the processes from the PCB board to the final product. 

With the schematic in hand, the solder paste is applied using the stencil provided by PCBWAY, and we finally assembled the PCB as shown in the next video:

As it can be seen, first we applied the solder paste with the Stencil. Afterwards, we placed all the SMD components and soldered them using a hot air gun. Only after every SMD component is mounted, the Through Hole components are soldered by hand using a normal welder. Finally, we burnt the firmware using the ICSP port on the board:

After the firmware is loaded, the board can be used as intended and the project is officially ended:

Last but not least, thanks to our Sponsor PCBWAY, who always provides us with the best Quality on the market:



Thanks for reading!