Drive System for EV

Icon0 inverter

To properly control an inverter, a modulation technique is needed. Many different approaches could be done to control it. Nevertheless, some parameters such as DC-link voltage utilization, produced harmonics and the final implementation with a DSP (Digital Signal Processor), should be considered before choosing which one is the most suitable for any project.


When we want to obtain a specific velocity in our motor, we need to tune the parameters of our controllers to ensure the stability and fast response of our motor, as it will be the main power for the EV. Having this, the security and reliability of our vehicle will depend directly on How good we are tuning these parameters. Here we will explain how to tune them.

Field Oriented Control

A PMSM Dynamic Model needs to be done and implemented if we want to simulate and work with our drive system. For that reason, we will explain all the maths behind the theoretical model of the Simulink/Matlab solution.


Nowadays, due to a lack of fossil fuels, the electrification of the drivetrains will be the trend, which requires high power semiconductor devices qualified for automotive standards. In this research project, a drive system for PMSM, which is a commonly used kind of motor in the EV applications, is designed using Infineon power modules.